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Fairview International School

More than 30 years of excellent academic achievement. An institution of International standards embracing profound Asian values.

Member of Fairview Global – a growing regional network of international schools dedicated to enriching learning throughout ASEAN and beyond.

Fairview International School is an English medium, co-educational day and boarding school, set within an extensive purpose built campus.

Our Vision

A Rich Academic Programme

A curriculum based on the best research evidence and on successful teaching and learning strategies for children of diverse backgrounds and learning needs.

A Community School

A vibrant centre for educational, recreational, cultural and social programmes for children and adults in an international community which draws upon and contributes to the vitality of the international community through an innovative and focused curriculum.

A Unique Professional Development Focus

A culture of continuous professional growth for all staff and functions as a ‘hub’ for educators throughout the region to engage them regularly in a wide range of learning opportunities that promote ongoing professional growth.

Our Mission

Fairview International School aims to be a vibrant centre for educational, personal and social growth in the world, providing a rich academic curriculum for children in the local and international community.

Through the use of the best practices in teaching and learning, Fairview International School educates, motivates and inspires students in a challenging environment enabling them to realize their potential.

Fairview International School is committed to raise the standard of education not only within the group itself but also in ASEAN and beyond.

WHY? Fairview International School

International Baccalaureate (IB) – The IB was meticulously chosen as it encompasses multi and interdisciplinary learning. With International mindedness and the 10 learner profiles underpinning the programme, IB not only nurtures the arts and sciences but also employs right brain and critical thinking. Fairview International School Kuala Lumpur is the only IB World School in Malaysia offering the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and all 3 IB Programmes in Malaysia.

Curriculum – Fairview focuses on meeting the needs of all students through programmes tailored for individual needs in an open classroom for digital age literacy. Learning extends beyond the walls of the classroom. The balance between academic and aesthetic subjects to provide better opportunity for the development of attitudes, concepts, skills and knowledge.

Academic Excellence – Fairview International School is reputed for its consistent excellent academic accomplishments over the last 36 years. Our proven record 95% passes in the Cambridge IGCSE examination over the years, bears testimony to our uncompromising standard employed in preparing our pupils for their future. The open corridors and wide spaces create an alluring atmosphere for learning.

Languages – The medium of instruction is English. A second language is compulsory.

Unity in Diversity – The intricately woven quilt with the countless individual threads woven together represents the 55 over nations represented in Fairview.

Mdm Anne George

Parent of Ashley Kochummen

(MYP 10, Academic Year 2010/2011) – Australian, 15 years old

 “… One term into the programme, we certainly have no regrets as our daughter has built her self-confidence through taking up a leadership position in the Student Council (where the children take a very active role in deciding key matters governing the school). IB also puts to practice what they would normally just learn out of a text book as it has a very hands-on approach to education through project-work, research and evaluation. It is certainly a challenging programme which requires hard work and consistency but encourages children to think out of the box and try out new ideas/approaches and in the long run, I think will lead to well-rounded individuals. The Fairview teachers keep the parents very involved/up-to date on the progress of their children and have been very proactive in keeping their doors open for communication and feedback …”


Fairview International School has an intensive range of facilities including:

  • a modern up to date library media centre
  • a mini amphitheatre
  • a multi purpose hall
  • an outdoor learning environment
  • a football pitch / basketball court
  • arts room / science labs / ICT labs

“Nothing is ever achieved without enthusiasm”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson –

Student Activities

Fairview International School provides students with opportunities to nurture and enhance existing skills, discover new areas of interest to cater to the diverse interests of our students. Activities always touch the 3 components of the tripartite community – Students, Parents and the School.

Some of the common events are:

  • Excursions
  • Carnival day
  • IB Parents forum
  • Celebrations of Learning
  • MYP Expeditions
  • IB Student Council
  • Subjects Week
  • Festival Celebrations
  • Community Service Projects
  • Awareness Campaigns

Compulsory Co-curricular activities serve as a platform for teambuilding, respect leadership and encourage a sporting spirit among others. Apart from the popular games of badminton, basketball and soccer, students are exposed to local Malaysian games like ‘Sepak Takraw’. A host of clubs and societies which include the Culinary, Tae Kwon Do, Technology and Language Clubs add variety to the activities. Our recent addition is the Roller Blading, Ballet and Violin Clubs.

Visa Procedures & Malaysian Permit

New Application

Documents required from International Student to be submitted to the school:

  • Student’s original passport (note: passport must be valid for the next 30 months to apply for student visa).
  • A copy of student’s passport detail page which includes current passport expiry date.
  • A copy of student’s current visa.
  • Photocopy of student’s birth certificate (translated to English).
  • Student’s passport size photograph (4 pieces colour photo).
  • Photocopy of father’s passport detail page only.
  • Photocopy of mother’s passport detail page only.
  • Leaving certificates from previous school (for transfer pass only).

Upon receiving all the documents, the school will submit the Student Visa Application to Malaysian Immigration State Department.

Estimated time to process for approval is 4 weeks.


Renewal of Student Visa

In most cases, Malaysia Immigration only releases Student Visa Endorsement, which is valid for 1 year.

International students are required to renew the Student Visa Endorsement every year.

The students are advised to renew the student visa one month before the expiry date.


Malaysia Permit Application Procedures

As for Malaysian students admitting to Fairview International School, you need to apply for Malaysian Permit from the Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

Documents needed:

  • Application form for Admission for Malaysian student to enter Expatriate School.
  • Photocopy of student’s birth certificate.
  • Student’s passport size photograph (2 pieces colour photo).
  • Photocopy of father’s and mother’s identity card.
  • Leaving certificates from previous school.
  • Supporting letter from parent’s employment.

“Along with success comes a reputation for wisdom.” –Euripides.

Content and pictures courtesy of Fairview International School.

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