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MM2H Post Conditional Approval – Purchase Medical Insurance

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) is a programme inaugurated by the Malaysian government under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Tourism. It is an aspiring option for those who wish to retire or set up a second home in the country for as long as possible on a multiple entry social visit pass.

The MM2H programme is open to citizens of all countries recognized by Malaysia, regardless of race, religion, gender or age. The programme permits applicants to bring along their spouse, unmarried children below the age of 21 and parents above the age of 60 as dependants. Foreign spouses of Malaysians and expatriates who wish to retire in Malaysia after expiry of their Employment Passes are also eligible to apply for stay in Malaysia on this programme.

Upon successful application, participants will be granted a 10-year Social Visit Pass with a Multiple Entry Visa, subject to the validity of their passport, and is renewable.

Applicant is required to plan a trip to Malaysia for 3 working days within 6 months from the date of Conditional Approval.

The following is one of three landing procedures that must then be completed before endorsement of the MM2H Visa :-

Purchase Medical Insurance

  • Approved applicants and their dependants must possess valid medical insurance coverage that is applicable in Malaysia from any insurance company.
  • Exemptions may be given for participants who face difficulty in obtaining a medical insurance due to age factor or result of medical condition.

Pick of the year – Allianz Care – Individual

The medical card that gives you and your family total convenience and peace of mind.

Assures hospital admission and medical bills settlement.

With Allianz Care – Individual, you need not worry about funding for your healthcare costs or it being a burden on yourself and your loved ones. All you have to do is to select from a choice of 4 plans that suits your needs.


  • Allianz medical card guarantees hospital admission at panel hospitals. All hospital bills will be settled automatically upon discharge.
  • International Medical Assistance Program (Optional Benefit)
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains, medical assistance and travel information.
  • Domestic Medical Assistance Program (Optional Benefit)
  • Emergency medical evacuation, repatriation and medical assistance.

Choice of Plan
Allianz Care – Individual offers you a choice of 4 attractive plans designed to suit your budget and healthcare needs.

Conditional Renewal
This Policy will be renewable subject to the terms and conditions at each of the anniversary of the Policy date. The renewal premiums payable is not guaranteed and the Company reserves the right to revise the premium rate applicable at the time of renewal. Such changes, if any shall be applicable to all Policyholders irrespective of their claim experience according to the Company’s risk assessment.

Conditional Renewal will be applicable after two (2) years of Policy inception provided that there is no claim incurred in the previous two (2) years. Subsequently, if there are claims incurred in the later years, the Company will not impose any exclusion upon the Insured Person. If there are claims incurred within the first two (2) years of Policy inception, the Insured Person would still qualify for the renewal, subject to exclusions or premium increase.

The Insured Person shall give immediate notice in writing to the Company on any Injury, Disease, physical defect or infirmity of which the Insured Person has become aware or been affected within the first two (2) years of Policy inception.

This is a yearly renewable Policy. Premium rates are not guaranteed and any adjustment of premiums would be based on satisfactory health condition. Should there be a situation of non-disclosure, the whole Policy would be rendered null and void.

Premiums would be based on age band. The minimum age entry is thirty (30) days and the maximum age is sixty-nine (69) years based on age next birthday.

Specified Illnesses shall mean the following disabilities and its related complications, occurring within the first one hundred and twenty (120) days of Insurance of the Insured Person:

(a) Hypertension, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease;
(b) All tumours, cancers, cysts, nodules, polyps, stones in the urinary system and biliary system;
(c) All ear, nose (including sinuses) and throat conditions;
(d) Hernias, haemorrhoids, fistulae, hydrocele, varicocele;
(e) Endometriosis including disease of the reproduction system;
(f) Vertebro-spinal disorders (including disc) and knee conditions.

1. There will be a waiting period of thirty (30) days from the commencement date of insurance for sickness benefits. No benefits will be payable if hospitalization and/or illness commences within this period. Coverage for accidental bodily injuries will, however, be effective upon the commencement of insurance.
2. Application for change of benefits to a higher plan can only be made on Policy Anniversary Date and is subject to acceptance by the Company.
3. If you are not satisfied with this Policy for whatever reason, you may return it to us within fifteen (15) days from the date of delivery. We will cancel the Policy and refund to you all premiums paid provided there was no medical expenses incurred.
4. This Policy is renewable at the option of Policyholder until the occurrence of any of the following:
(a) Non payment of premium or premium not paid on time;
(b) Fraud or misrepresentation of material fact during application;
(c) The Policy is cancelled at the request of the Policyholder;
(d) Total claims of the Policy have reached the lifetime limit specified and/or on the death of the Insured Person;
(e) The Insured Person attains the coverage age limit specified;
(f) Termination of coverage for all policies in a certain market and the Company withdraws this Policy completely from the market in accordance with the Portfolio Withdrawal Condition.

Source : Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad

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