Settle down to the most sustainable lifestyle in a second country & benefit from the best of both worlds!

  1. Flexibility to invest in unlimited number of properties.
  2. Develop and actively participate in your business & investments.
  3. High standard and convenience for your children’s education in Malaysia.
  4. Enjoy tax exemptions on purchase of locally assembled car or imported personal car from your country.
  5. Bring along domestic helper of your own country or hire a foreign maid from countries approved by Malaysian Government.
  6. Freedom to enter and leave the country anytime with MM2H 10 years multiple entry visa. No minimum stay requirement.
  7. Tax exemption on offshore income & pension remitted to Malaysia.
  8. Eligibility to open savings, current or fixed deposit accounts with any bank in Malaysia. (Foreigners on normal social visit pass are not allowed to open bank accounts in Malaysia)
  9. Parents who are over 60-year old will be eligible to join you in the programme.
  10. 20-hour per week special employment permit for main applicant age 50 and above.

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