MM2H – Application Process

6 Easy Steps to get your MM2H Visa

Pre-ApplicationAm I qualified?
Compile list of Required Documents
Engage MM2H agent and sign service agreement 

Submission of completed application
Takes approximately 30-60 days

Conditional approval obtained
Letter issued by the Immigration Unit, MM2H Centre
Approved Applicant is informed

Applicant comes to Malaysia
Open Malaysian bank account to facilitate MM2H Fixed Deposit requirement
Purchase Medical Insurance
Obtain Medical Report

Submission of remaining documents

Applicant collect MM2H Visa
Arrange remaining payments to MM2H agent & Immigration Department


TwinHomes International are promoters of the Malaysia My 2nd Home (MM2H) Programme. We are licensed MM2H Visa Agency under the purview of Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. TwinHomes International have been providing support and information to foreigners intending to make Malaysia the ideal second country to live in. We pride ourselves as the most comprehensive one stop centre for all our clients’ migration needs, simply by creating synergies with the widest business network in and around the country.

Settle down to the most sustainable lifestyle in a second country and benefit from the best of both worlds! –

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