Many thanks for the great and never failing effort.

Dr. L.K. Siu – Hong Kong


Thank you very much for your assistance on our application for MM2H. Your services are professional and efficient. We are sure the process would not have been so simple without your help.

Thanks again for all your arrangements. See you soon in Malaysia!

Ms. Tracy C.Y. Lo & Family – Hong Kong


Thanks for making it easy and smooth to get MM2H.

Mr. Manfred G. Rindler – Germany


Thank you Alex,
Work – Professional grade
Quality of work – Excellent

Other (+) points that I found very positive :
+ Meeting and discussing things as friends helps a lot in gaining trust for customers.
+ Being prompt and quick with response is extremely valuable and shows that you (TwinHomes) care about the customer
+ Being present personally provides “peace of mind” to customers

Mr. Ali T. Paydar – Iran



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